Recovery Toolbox for CORELDRAW

CorelDRAW repair software for corrupted drawing *.cdr files

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw (download) designed for the repair of damaged *.cdr files with CorelDRAW vector graphics. The CorelDRAW recovery software helps fix corrupted CDR files.

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW can opens and fix many errors from *.cdr files, for example:

  1. Error reading a CorelDRAW file
  2. Error opening a Graphics file
  3. Error reading a Suite file
  4. Valid work space path isn't found
  5. I/O read error
  6. File FileName.cdr contains an invalid fill ID
  7. The file is corrupted
  8. Out of memory
  9. Error reading a bitmap in the file FileName.cdr
  10. Error reading a filename.cdr file

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How to repair cdr file?

The CorelDRAW recovery tool reads damaged *.cdr file in several ways, using different algorithms for CDR repair. All objects recovered from a bad drawing are available later for preview on the second page in the software.

Features of the CDR repair tool:

  • Supports recovery of *.CDR files of CorelDRAW v.10 and later
  • Recover compressed graphics objects and images
  • Preview of a repaired .cdr file Move/Zoom in the preview of a fixed CDR file
  • Manual selection the version of corrupted .cdr file before recovery for quicker analysis
  • Multi-language interface
  • Corel DRAW .cdr Viewer for corrupted graphics files

What versions of CorelDRAW *.cdr file allow file repair with Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW?

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW can read and identify data from different versions of CorelDRAW graphics files, beginning with v.10 (released in 2000). Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW opens, reads and displays content from bad CDR files created in CorelDRAW 10/11/12/12/X3/X5/X6/X7.

How to improve a recovery speed of corrupted CDR file?

Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW use several repair algorithms for files in each version of CorelDRAW. Software reads corrupted *.cdr file several times in order to search objects for each version of graphics. You can select the version for a corrupted CorelDRAW file manually from the main menu (“CDR Version” item). You can also choose “Auto Detect” if you don't know which version of CorelDRAW was used to create or modify the file.

How to open a corrupted .cdr file?

You cannot open and work with damaged graphics file directly from CorelDRAW. Instead, you must use this third-party software to export data from the corrupted graphics project into a new file. Later you can open a new copy of the repaired file in CorelDRAW. Recovery Toolbox for CorelDRAW helps to recover corrupted Corel DRAW file reading errors.

  • CorelDRAW 10 or later installed
  • Windows 98 or above

How to repair Corel DRAW file online?

An online service for recovery of damaged *.cdr files for CorelDRAW is available here:

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